About the Journal


Research scientists are trained to discover knowledge and then to add their findings to well recognized journals. Moreover, they frequently refer to these journals when they wish to embark on research projects or simply want to enquire about the current status or limit of knowledge in a particular subject, so that it may be moved to the next stage.

All eminent higher educational institutions in the world have these (journals) and other means and methods of collecting, storing and dissemination of knowledge for all others to deliver the benefits to mankind. In science, latest information on progress in knowledge, news, books etc. is generally reported and distributed via journals pertaining to their particular field, area or specialty of interest.

In fact, future of science rests on the foundation of knowledge discovered by previous generations found in journals. Research work of every kind can only progress by referring to these repositories of knowledge i.e. science research journals. A research journal is a relatively simple way for the dissemination of research findings and to encourage young scientists by having their research work published.

Research is tough and competitive work. As with any other aspect of life, 'getting started' in exhibiting and publishing research work for young scientist, professionals, particularly post-graduates and newly qualified PhDs is extremely difficult which causes frustration and bewilderment. There is little sympathy, compassion, compromise or relaxation of rules for new comers when seeking publication of their work in established, renowned and prestigious journals in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world.

To offer a venue for young scientists and professionals it was decided to launch a medical and social science based journal from the platform of TIMES Institute Multan.


Aims and Objectives

The journal aims to publish original research short communications, technical notes, full length papers, review articles, and book reviews. Only those research papers and articles should be welcomed which are original and have quality work.. The principle objectives of the journal are:

  • To publish the research work of all the medical and social professionals related to their profession like Eastern Medicine, Surgery, Physical Therapy and Pharmacy etc. to help the humanity.
  • To publish research work carried out at TIMES institute and in other universities and research organisations in Pakistan and abroad at MPhil, PhD, post doctorate or other research levels.
  • To promote and encourage faculty members, post-graduate research students and other researchers to publish their findings. A research culture has to be built into the routine teaching process of this institute.
  • To promote new areas of research with the help of student so they can contribute in research during their studies.


Future prospects:

TIMES Journal of Health and Social Sciences is scheduled to appear biannual serving as a means for the exchange of scientific information at international level. The scope encompasses all medical disciplines. For the convenience of authors, the priority areas Include: Life Sciences, Pharmacy, Physical therapy, Eastern Medicine, Surgery, Medical Lab Technology, Operation Theater Technology, Radiography and Imaging Technology, Orthotics and prosthetics, Public Health, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics, Medical Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Physiology, Medicine, Bioinformatics, Health Environmental Sciences and other social Sciences. All manuscripts are evaluated for their scientific content and significance by the Editor and at least two independent reviewers. Manuscript will be considered for publishing and published post approval by the appropriate editorial committees. All submitted manuscripts should contain unpublished, original research not under consideration for publication anywhere else.